Lets Play!
Registration has ended. Call 501-329-8849 to be put on the waiting list.

Basketball FAQs
  • What age can play?  1st grade through 9th grade for boys. 1st through 7th for girls.
  • How are the teams put together? No coed teams. 1st & 2nd grade play together, 3rd & 4th grade play together, 5th & 6th boys play together, 5th thru 7th grade girls play together, and 7th thru 9th grade boys play together.
  • What is the price? If they are a current member (registered after Aug. 1st) then the price is $35 otherwise it is $60.
  • What height goal does 1st & 2nd grade play on? 9ft goal with a 27.5 in ball. They play half court.
  • Height of goal for other teams? All other teams play on 10 ft. goals and full court games. 3rd grade through 7th grade teams play with a 28.5 in ball. 7th thru 9th grade boys play with a 29.5 in ball.
  • When are games? Teams play during the week and have practice on weekends. Teams will play 1 game a week. Games times start at 5:30 p.m.
  • Where do teams practice? Boys & Girls Club & Carl Stuart Middle School.
  • When do games begin? Games begin the week of January 15th and the season ends March 16th.
  • Do you need coaches? Yes! All of our coaches are volunteers and most are a parent of one of the players on the team.

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